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We'll examine the presence of a Hispanic diaspora (specifically, Puerto Ricans/Niuyoricans, Dominicans, and Mexicans) in NYC, together with issues of immigration, the discourse of the changing identity, as well as the linguistic phenomenon known as Spanglish or Ingla�ol.

Students will check the official site of the City of New York daily in order to keep abreast of how it is publicly portrayed.

Halfway into the semester, a trip to Nueva York will highlight the course as it takes us directly into the metropolitan art and cultural experience, beyond the classroom walls.

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NY on-line (click the address below):|||Museo del Barrio (click the address below):|||Boricua College (click the address below):|||Hispanic Society of America (click the address below):|||New York International Latino Film Festival (click the address below):|

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This course will be in Spanish, although some readings will be in English and